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The Economic Development Corporation of Utah (EDCUtah) works with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) and several other state and federal acronyms to bring in and retain business in the state of Utah. They provide research and connections for a specialized group of people known as Site Selectors. Site Selectors are scary-smart real estate agents who keep Starbucks in the black. They travel the country looking for the best places for their customers to either build or relocate.


In this hyper-competitive environment EDCUtah stands out with their ability to not only find everything needed by Site Selectors, but to edit out things they don’t need. It’s a rare talent, all staffed by very bright and dedicated professionals. Utah isn’t consistently in top 10 places for business by accident.


INCLUDES Identity. Branding. Special projects. Digital. Collateral. 

Small mark – large words

There's no way around the words behind the moniker of EDCUtah being a little cumbersome. Wordy or not, they've created immense value for their clients over the last 37 years. We developed a small mark, and chose a straightforward type face to calm those big words down.

Plentiful words for the small mark

The style guide for EDCUtah. It's here to keep everyone on the same page (pun). Here are a few selected spreads.

The Amazon pitch

Amazon needed a second headquarters (unofficial Jeff Bezos mancave). They sent out a nationwide RFP to all 50 states asking what they would be willing to do to have Amazon's HQ2 in their backyard.


EDCUtah used the RFP to promote several key sites for HQ2, plus a number of smaller areas for other potential Amazon projects. With the incredible group from EDCUtah, we helped produce a tome filled with all the information Amazon could ever need. So far, the proposal has net four large projects throughout the state.

Big projects – tiny cards

Within the “biz” these small postcards are called “tombstones.” Dark name (based on the size) for great events: Celebrating big wins for the state of Utah. These cards are sent to site selectors around the country to let them know the who, what, and why's of projects in the state.

The great part of these cards is their brevity (y'know, unlike this caption). Site selectors are a tight-knit group.
These cards not only tell pertinent details, but who closed the deal.

Tombstone email headers

We made the tombstone digital. Quick, simple animation. Puns when possible. Of course, more information found within the body of the email. Still short and loved by site selectors.

Extending the brand: Profiles and more

EDCUtah is all about information. They know where to find it, how to process it, and how it needs to be delivered. We designed templates for their popular industry profiles and community brochures. Their information is either printed on demand or sent as a PDF. These profiles are a great example of how the brand can be translated to make each set of publications have their own identity, but work together under the larger brand.



The Arts

Utah Site Ready and Mega Sites identities

Site Selectors like large swaths of undeveloped land. States provide them under a variety of names. In Utah we call them Site Ready (between 100 and 400 acres) and Mega Sites (400+ acres). We also did some gloves. We always do gloves.

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