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Safe drinking water and nutritious food are basic human needs. Cosecha has found a way to level the playing field throughout the world with the use of aquaponics. Now... what are aquaponics? Simply put, it's a way of growing vegetation by sharing a planting and growing space with fish.


By doing what fish do, the plants are fertilized. By doing what plants do, the water for the fish is kept fresh and healthy. Both win, and both can be harvested by the community. The aquaponics green houses create plant starts for healthy fields, which can lead to crops and additional food and income for struggling communities around the world. The structures use simple, and the low cost materials are assembled by volunteers. Another win for the community.

INCLUDES Identity creation. Branding.



The happy little palette and typography.

A happy little website

Find out about aquaponics. Learn about previous projects. Volunteer to help on future projects, or lend a hand through a much-appreciated donation.


Let's brand some schedule 40.

Everyone needs a happy green shirt.

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