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BD Medical

BD makes catheters. Relax. They make IV catheters — the ones with needles. There... now everyone feels better, right? Needles.

BD Medical manufactures the most widely used vascular access catheters in the world. Next time you’re in the hospital, take a look at what they put in your arm. We recommend not looking while they’re inserting it. Give it a while, let the drugs kick in. Chances are it’ll be a BD catheter. 


INCLUDES Branding. Photography. Illustration. Applications. Collateral.

BD Product Calculator

Built for sales. Representatives can load up the calculator with a wide range of product comparisons. They can then show institutions the cost savings of working with BD products and avoiding all too often blood stream infections. Something BD Medical has been working to eliminate through their very smart products.

Product path illustrations

Created specifically for the BD Product Calculator above. Other, less superior products were also illustrated, but we're not going to show those. Why would anyone want to even see them?

White papers

Often the bane of everyone's existence, except for those who really want and rely on them. Many firms don't like to show them because they aren't the most colorful (white... paper). But sometimes helping the client fulfill what may seem a mundane project is the best thing.


We actually enjoy white papers. We like finding ways to pare information down to the sweet spot between what's needed, what's required, and what will help the reader.



Lots of sharp things. Really, really sharp things.

BD Medical-48_nexiva.png
BD Medical-101_diffusics.png

BD Vialon video

Short, technical video explaining the benefits of BD Vialon -- the part that remains behind after the nurse removes the sharp, pokey needle. Amazing technology.

BD Vialon

BD Vialon

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