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Studies have shown you are never more than ten feet away from 3M science. Besides Sticky Notes and Magic Transparent Tape, 3M also developed the coding software used by hospitals to automate billing and mine critical data. It's the most widely used coding software in the world.


INCLUDES Advertising. Branding. Digital. Special projects. Collateral. Photography/Illustration art direction.

Innovation Center Introduction Video

Short video introducing visitors to the 3M Innovation Center. A classroom-like environment built to show the history and goals of 3M Health Information Systems.

3M Innovation Center
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Hospital + ROI Tools Sales App

Custom icon and app designed for salespeople to present operating numbers for hospitals and how 3M's software can effect their profitability.


Internal Application Icons
Icon system designed to categorize and provide a secondary identification of the 70+ products within 3M Health Information Systems. Here's a very short sampling.

No Bears Internal Security Campaign

Finding a different way to teach employees about online (and offline) security within the Fort Knox of health information.


3M Methodologies mark

Methodologies are what started health information systems. They are the backbone of 3M's healthcare products.

3M Methodologies Icon

The methodologies are what has made 3M own more than 75% of the health information market. Methodologies is how3M creates the thousands and thousands of codes created to address all our human frailties.

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