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Thanksgiving Point

Water testing has remained in two worlds: Field testers who drive large trucks containing hundreds of gallons of catalysts, and plumbers using a small pH strip designed to sell you a water softner.


Retego has found a way to disrupt both of these worlds with small cuvets of freeze-dried catalysts. They utilize smaller amounts of water and provide more accurate, near-immediate results. Samples are no longer shipped over days or weeks from labs to testers (because temperature changes result in, well, changes). The plumbing industry can now identify what’s happening in a customer’s pipes beyond the hardness of their water.


INCLUDES Naming. Identity creation. Branding. Collateral. Tradeshow. Photography. 

Cuvets with freeze-dried catalysts.

Process and conceptual thinking
The concept behind the mark was based on the proprietary cuvet containing the freeze-dried catalysts used in Retego’s water testing process.

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