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Congratulations on finding one of our many hidden text links (we realize, it’s not that hard, we just want you to feel really, really good about yourself the rest of the day).

How do you know when you have a bad idea?

Most of us don't know how bad an idea is until after we’ve either committed it to print, or sent it to thousands of customers through the world wide web. 


Luckily for us at 8th Grade English we have a Bob to stop us before we reach that point. Some of the things we’ve seen Bob save us from:

- Potentially lame concepts
- A bad media buy

- A poor email header color choice

- Flip flops
- Spicy food

- Anything that might appear to be spicy

- Anything which others have said might be spicy

- Spicy waters; bottled and tap

- Not ordering Diet Pepsi
- Movies adapted from Jane Austen novels
- Any song not written and performed by ABBA


Bob keeps us safe. Bob can keep you safe too. Obeying Bob will help not only in your business development, but your personal life as well. Think of Bob as that "You’re not wearing that are you?” girlfriend. It’s easier than you think, all you need to do is simply Obey Bob.

If you'd like to Obey Bob like we do, send us an email and we'll send you some sweet, non-spicy, un-Austen-fied, Bob swag.

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