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Ivory Homes - Holladay Quarter

Ivory Homes was starting a new development: Holladay Quarter. 57 acres in the middle of the beautiful community of Holladay. It was the site of an old mall and the amount of fighting within the community made it a dicey proposition for everyone. Through our research we uncovered some equally spicy history of the towns founder, John Holladay. Given his past, he seemed the perfect face for the project.

What started as a wonderful addition to the beautiful community of Holladay, Utah turned into a dumpster fire of gigantic proportions. The battle over the proposed density went all the way to the Utah Supreme Court. Ivory Homes had great plans, but ended up dropping the project.


INCLUDES Identity creation. Branding. Wayfinding.

Custom illustration
John Holladay.


identity blocks.

Residential and business wayfinding system.


Lanyard for disaffected

real estate agents.

Shirt for

disaffected youth.

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