A few other things...

This is the place where we let our hair down a little (so much hair) and share projects from Christmas past. As with all work shown here, if you have a question about something, drop us a line. We're an open book. Often times maybe a little too open, so time-wise, prep yourself, it could be a long call.
Still, ah, working out, some, ahem, issues.


INCLUDES A little of everything.

Utah State Fair
We brought in the master of all things awkward, Jared Hess of Napoleon Dynamite fame, to produce and direct. We told him the general gist of the spots, then got out of the way.

I mean, Jared asked us to get out of the way when he started yelling  "get off my damn set!" or something like that.

Lyrics: Markus T. Boddie and Jared Hess

Vocals: Markus T. Boddie

The anatomically-challenged billboards.

The honest billboard

Sanus Biotech
We all love dopamine and Sanus Biotech found a way to make it in a lab. This manmade version of our brain's happy drug is a great ally in the battle against depression and drug addiction.

Every logo must have a version in a circle. We don't make the rules, we just follow them.

The color palette.

Product type treatment.




water bottle.

When working in

a lab, one must

have a lab coat...

with a logo.


Did you know if you catch your child's stuttering by the age of three, you can get that adorable brain to retrain its relationship with words?

Amazing stuff. We did a series of posters for them. This was our favorite of the bunch.

Gary Baseman

Rare Method
There once was an agency named BOWG. They were bought by a larger, and very, very hungry agency out of Canada named Rare Method.

Postcard is full color print laminated to letterpressed chipboard.

Postcard illustrator:
Will Staehle

Ad illustrations:
Our personal collection of old encyclopedias.

Blue Q
Repackaging of the easy-care Flat Cat
and Instant Infant.

Dressfit Inserts

If you've tried these inserts you know what they can do. Provides remarkable relief to many common maladies of the feet.

These packages were designed for dress shoe inserts (a new market for the surprisingly formal- named Dressfit).

Juliet Borda

Lifetime Products

Lifetime Products developed a wonderful way to get full color silkscreened boards without the full color silkscreened cost.

We developed these to show both color and coverage. A few of the reps cried when they saw "There's Always Europe" back board. Some dreams die hard.

Mr. Farms Apple Cider

Personal project:
“I had an orchard. It had apples and peaches. I wanted to bottle some cider. While I worked on the packaging and bottles, we ate all the apples and peaches.”

Baxter's American Restaurant

Baxter is a world traveler. One thing he loves to do is eat. Another thing he loves to do is bring recipes back for everyone else to eat. He also likes dogs, but not to eat.

BiteSize Mark

For Franklin Covey.

Charming little mark for their library of short, but effective reading materials.