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A few other things...

This is the place where we let our hair down a little (so much hair) and share projects from Christmas past. As with all work shown here, if you have a question about something, drop us a line. We're an open book. Often times maybe a little too open, so time-wise, prep yourself, it could be a long call.
Still, ah, working out, some, ahem, issues.


INCLUDES A little of everything.

Utah State Fair
We brought in the master of all things awkward, Jared Hess of Napoleon Dynamite fame, to produce and direct. We told him the general gist of the spots, then got out of the way.

I mean, Jared asked us to get out of the way when he started yelling  "Get off my damn set!" or something like that.

Lyrics: Markus T. Boddie and Jared Hess

Vocals: Markus T. Boddie

Utah State Fair Funnel Cake
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Utah State Fair BBQ Ribs
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The anatomically-challenged billboards.

The honest billboard

Sanus Biotech
We all love dopamine and Sanus Biotech found a way to make it in a lab. This manmade version of our brain's happy drug is a great ally in the battle against depression and drug addiction.

Every logo must have a version in a circle. We don't make the rules, we just follow them.

The color palette.